Settling Into Our New Home

We've been enjoying a few nice days of sunshine lately and there is more sun in the forecast until the middle of next week. This is a holiday weekend in Ontario and Green Acre Park is teeming with RVs and tents. The park has a Halloween celebration on this evening followed by a movie for the kids. This afternoon there is a small midway set up behind us with a climbing wall, Ferris wheel, bouncy rooms, etc for the kids. Those residents wishing to hand out treats to the kids have to post a pumpkin sign on their site. Trick or treating begins at 7 pm. We picked up a bunch of goodies at Walmart and judging by the number of children in the park, we expect it all go fairly quickly. Nothing like priming children full of energy producing sweets before sending them home to their parents for the night. :)

We managed to sort through all our “stuff” this last week and took a bunch of stuff up to our storage site in Hanover yesterday. Most of the pillows and bedding provided by Tiffin are now in storage as we prefer to use our own. Chris has some ideas on how she wants to update our duvet and bedroom set but we'll make do with what we have until we head south in November. We kept a few of the Tiffin pillows for our J sofa up front but they are mostly for decoration.

One thing Chris has had on her mind lately is her passport renewal. Seems that because she is changing her surname to Jones that she can't just do a simple renewal, instead she needs to submit a different renewal form along with a copy of her Citizenship papers. She hunted high and low for those papers in our Bus but couldn't find them anywhere and I was at a loss too. Imagine our surprise when we found a second file box in our storage site and the first thing we see as I open the box is her citizenship papers! That's a load off her mind because a replacement citizenship paper was going to cost $75 and take an unimaginable five months to arrive! There is certainly nothing like government red tape, doesn't matter where you live either.

So picked up a few more items from my SIL's place and added that to what we placed in storage. Also placed in storage were the two folding dining room chairs from our bus. We grabbed the two folding chairs from our Phaeton that were already in storage and dropped those at McPhail's of Harriston for inclusion with our old Phaeton. Sarah and Matt are bringing the second euro recliner from the Phaeton back from Nova Scotia so we should be all done with McPhail's soon. McPhail's parts department did have our new OS size black wheel covers waiting for me though along with the XM radio module and wiring for the Bus. I brought the XM module home with me but I think we are going to book a warranty appointment with McPhail's for later this month to have the XM unit installed properly and to also have a few other things taken care of, just so we will have less to do while in Red Bay, Alabama on our way south in November.

We have an appointment with Brannon in Vina, AL on November 8th also. Looking for him to properly install our Wilson 3G/4G omni antenna so we can access it from our entertainment center which on the Bus is behind the flat screen TV in the bedroom slide out. I'm sure he'll be able to figure something out there and to also install some ribbon lights under our front slide outs. We've seen those lights on some Motorhomes and they really look cool at night. Some of them actually change colors too. Trevor Nichols will install a carpeted dash cover like we had in Phaeton Place for Teddy and we will also have him cover the main landing area and floor by the driver's seat with a custom fitted mat as well. It really worked well in our last coach and trapped much of the dirt as we entered inside. Of course more often than not shoes are removed and left outside anyway.

We are still trying to come up with a new name for our Bus. We still have our Phaeton Place sign on the dash but it just doesn't fit anymore. Eventually, once we decide on a new name, I'll also have to change the name of our blog and my photography web site. If any of our readers can come up with a catchy name for our Bus, please leave a comment or send me an email.