Shaw Direct & Purolator

We've been having a few problems with our satellite TV reception which goes back to Phaeton Place. Readers may recall that we switched to Shaw Direct from Bell last October before heading south because Bell was no longer transmitting into the USA. I made sure to ask if Shaw Direct was also going to change their policy regarding the USA and was told they would continue to offer a service in the USA. They have told us we will receive channels as we have been already but we not be able to call Shaw Direct for service related issues while in the USA. Neither of us have a problem with that policy as long as we can still get reception south of the border. The will tell if we will indeed receive our channels this winter.

We've experienced missing channels in both our Motorhomes and trying to determine the cause for these missing channels has not been easy. I've spent over ten hours on the phone with Shaw Direct customer service and have lost count of the number of times I've had to explain the problem to umpteen different customer service agents and supervisors. We've refreshed our receiver so many times that it now asks us, “You again?” Shaw Direct has been reluctant to send us a technician because we are in an RV and they don't service RVs apparently. They will service the thirty year old park model units in the park but not a new motorhome. I finally convinced them that we are in a seasonal not transient site so we are effectively living here for six months and that itself should be enough to warrant a service call. Shaw Direct also sells the Winegard Trvlr satellit dish we have but they don't do service calls for anyone using it? Incredible! The tech should be here today so we shall see how that goes.

We have a Shaw Direct UHF not IR remote control for our PVR-630 receiver which worked fine for changing TV channels via radio waves instead of infra red in our Phaeton. Heck, we could change channels on any tv from a 100 feet away. For some reason though it doesn't work well in the Bus … yet. Shaw sent me a brand new UHF remote but we still can't reliably change channels even if we are directly in front of a TV. I finally convinced them to send me a new PVR-630 which arrived yesterday, a day late thanks to Purolator. The driver was seen parked at the closest intersection outside the park on Wednesday afternoon yet refused to come into to the park because of the guard gate across the road which, if he had driven up to, has a push button doorbell like button so the office can give access to anyone not registered in the park like visitors or deliveries.

The remote seems to work better with the new PVR but we are still missing channels. So I'm waiting for the Shaw Direct tech to show up while Chris has gone to St Jacob's farmers market with one of our neighbours. She promised to bring back strawberry rhubarb cake for coffee if I behave myself. Don't I always?