Visiting Friends in Sudbury, Ontario

Yesterday, we packed up our things in the Vue and headed for Sudbury, Ontario to visit our good friends Tony & Christine at their camp on Richard Lake.  The drive up was uneventful under sunshine and blue skies.  We stopped in Camp Borden on our way to Barrie to drop off some items with Sarah & Matt.  After a fuel stop at the Costco in Barrie for the lowest priced regular fuel we’ve seen in some time ($1.234/litre) we continued north on Hwy 400 and 69 along the east side of Georgian Bay to Sudbury.  There was quite a bit of road widening of Hwy 69 south of Sudbury but we didn’t experience any delays at all.  Lots of drilling and blasting was evident though.  We stopped for a stretch and a bite in Parry Sound before pushing on and eventually pulled into their “camp” around 3:30 pm.  Tony was busy in the kitchen cutting up apples and pears which he wrapped in phyllo pastery before popping the strudel into the oven.

We had a wonderful supper of BBQ’d rainbow trout, quinoa with wild rice salad, green salad and Tony’s strudel for dessert after we went for our post supper walk.  Their camp is located on Richard Lake and is absolutely stunning. As with many lakefront properties there are always renovations on the go.  We sat out on a newly finished stone patio on the opposite side of the shed in the above photo until temps cooled off as the sun set.  I was out early this morning with my camera taking some shots along the lake shore and liked this shot with the early morning mist in the background.  Elvis’s boat used to belong to Christine’s family but a neighbour bought it and it is still on Richard Lake.  The early morning sunshine gave an almost fall effect to trees in the background.

The sun rose this morning behind Tony & Christine’s camp and I could see the sun just starting to hit the rocks on the opposite shore for our second story vantage point.  The light got better as I grabbed my camera and we all went for a walk along the lakeside trail.  Richard Lake was flat calm which gave this wonderful reflection of the shoreline.  Teddy has been strolling around with us on our walks off leash and he absolutely loves his new found freedom.  It is so peaceful and very scenic here.

On our way to Sudbury my mind started to wander as we were driving and I started to wonder if we might have forgotten to turn anything off in the Bus before we left.  I recalled shutting the water off which we always do if we are going to be away overnight but I couldn’t remember if I shut off the Aqua Hot or not.  I’m not sure if the Aqua Hot not having any water coming into it would be a problem if it hadn’t been switched off, but I didn’t want to take any chances.  I called my BIL, Bill who is the head maintenance guy at Green Acre Park and had him go inside and check for me.  I had in fact left the electric switch for the Aqua Hot on so Bill turned it off and locked things back up again.  No point in taking any chances….right?

An update on our last post regarding Shaw Direct.  The service tech did stop by for all of 5 minutes and refused to even look at our dish because it was on a motorhome instead of a house or cardboard box.  He reluctantly came inside, at my request, to check why our UHF remote wasn’t working properly but after a minute or two of shoddy analysis, he only could offer that something wasn’t right.  Well duh!!!!  He clearly had better places to be and suggested we take the motorhome back to the dealer to have them check things out.  What pitiful service from Shaw Direct!  They even sent me a customer service survey to do a day after.  Well you can bet my ratings of their woeful service weren’t very high.  I sent the survey in and did get an email from Shaw Direct asking how they could win back my confidence in their company.  I asked them to send someone around who actually knew what he was doing and to give me a call.  To date I haven’t heard a thing back.  We have a warranty appointment at McPhail’s in Harriston on August 20th.  I’ll be back in touch with Shaw Direct if McPhail’s can’t sort things out properly.