Warranty Work at McPhail’s of Harriston


Tuesday morning saw us heading for McPhail's in Harriston to have a few items worked on. Nothing really major, just niggly things. We were packed up and on the road just after 8:30 am and arrived in plenty of time for our 10 am appointment with Kyle. The door awning isn't as tight as it should be when the awning is full y extended so Kyle tried adjusting the set screws for the awning. The adjustment never seemed to do anything so Kyle's diagnosis is that we need a new motor on the door awning. We can keep the awning fabric taught by not fully extending the arms and that will do us just fine until we get to Red Bay in November.

I helped Kyle drop the front TV out of it's cabinet and managed to run the cabling for our Wii behind the TV. The Wii is set up in the cabinet on the left side of the TV and the power is drawn from the cabinet on the right side of the TV. Simple enough to do in theory but popping out the TV was a two man job because one of us had to hold the TV while the other ran all the wires. It took us about an hour to do and it works great. We stuck the sensor bar for the Wii on the bottom of the TV cabinet with Velcro just to the right of the rear view mirror and it seems to pick up the Wii wands just fine. Chris beat me in bowling last night but I whopped her bad in tennis and baseball.

The floor accent lights in the kick panel in the kitchen hasn't been working either and I was certain it wasn't a fuse as they were all in perfect condition. Turned out to be a loose wire in the slide which Kyle found behind one of the drawers on the left of the sink. Apparently that is a common problem due to the kitchen going in and out with the slide….but an easy fix too.

A couple of our PS storage bay doors seemed to be out of align just enough so they rubbed on the frame when opened and closed. Kyle added a couple of screws in the frame header over the doors and tightened one of the hinges to realign the doors properly.

The one item that is still bothering us big time is the Shaw Direct UHF remote control. The new remote still doesn't function as advertised and seems to turn on the infra red emitters around the coach whenever I try to change channels. There is no way a UHF remote should activate infra red emitters. Shaw Direct is sending me yet another UHF remote. They've already replaced the remote once and sent us a reconditioned PVR 630 too, but the problem persists. The most aggravating thing about this is that every time we call Shaw Direct Customer Service, I have to explain the problem all over again because its never the same agent. We'll try a new remote and if that doesn't work I'll insist on a complete new PVR 630 including a UHF remote as well. It that doesn't work we'll have to decide whether or not to ship it all back to Shaw Direct or to make do with less than satisfactory equipment.

We were done at McPhail's by 4:00 pm and back on our site at Green Acre Park before 6 pm. Our neighbour even had supper waiting for us! Thanks ever so much Diane!