Wonderful Weekend

The weather in Sudbury has been absolutely stellar during our stay with Tony & Christine at their camp on Richard Lake. Lots of sunshine and only a little breeze. They've just installed a new dock, patio and shed on their property. We spent lots of time sitting on the waterfront patio yesterday enjoying the sunshine. The four of us even managed to install a flag pole to the left of the shed late yesterday afternoon. All it needs is a little ready mix and some time to set before the Maple Leaf will be waving proudly in the wind.

Tony & I spent some time at his photography studio on Saturday morning where he graciously printed some large prints of some of my favourite shots on his Epson printer. It was very interesting to see how photo printing is done in a large studio setting. Most of my work is posted online in my galleries and on Facebook so I found this to be a great learning experience.

Tony & Christine are both great cooks. He made this wonderful apple & pear strudel and Christine made two batches of blueberry cornmeal muffins that were excellent. We are hoping they'll make this again while we are in Florida this winter. Chris & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary today and we all shared a wonderful dinner featuring garlic & ginger shrimp, ćervapi, German potato salad, fresh zucchini, & garden salad outside on the patio.

Dinner conversation included our plans for Florida this winter along with possible side trips to the RV show at Riverbend and the RV Super Show in Tampa, as well as popping down to the Keys for a week before Christmas if we can find a resort or state park with any sites still available.

Sadly, our seemingly timeless stay must end tomorrow morning. We have to run our new Bus into McPhail's for a few warranty items on Tuesday morning and then get back to Green Acre Park before Matt & Sarah arrive for next weekend. Someone has a birthday coming up…..:). Thank you Tony & Christine for an absolutely spectacular long weekend. You have a little piece of heaven here on Richard Lake and we both thoroughly enjoyed our stay.