Bempton Cliffs RSPB


Northern Gannet

Another sunny day in Filey and while Chris & I had breakfast we decided to take a run out to Bempton Cliffs to see what kind of birds were on hand. We visited there in May 2012 and saw kittiwakes, puffins and gannets. Today we only saw gannets. There we many immature gannets just learning to soar from the cliffs and I managed to get close enough for some photos.

One of the RSPB volunteers had a spotting scope set up on a nest with young gannet chicks in it. Apparently some of the gannets nested late this year but the youngsters should still fledge in plenty of time before the majority of the gannets head south.

I only had my 300mm lens with 2x extender on it today and could easily have taken advantage of my 600mm lens and tripod had I brought it over to England with me, but I made do nonetheless. There was a stiff breeze blowing in off the North Sea today so the young gannets only had to step off the cliff and they were hovering almost immediately.

We grabbed a bit of lunch at the Cliff End Cafe in Flamborough and then headed back to Filey to pick up my mother for our afternoon ride to the market town of Helmseley. The traffic seemed to crawl almost the whole way there but we had wonderful afternoon trooping around the streets. As usual, the market square was jammed with people and parked cars.

We headed home just after 4 pm and enjoyed some fresh grilled salmon with rice and salad for dinner before settling in to watch the second episode in the new season of Downton Abbey.