Cobles & Sculptures


We managed to get a little shopping and sightseeing done in Scarborough this afternoon. We parked above Brunswick Centre and strolled Huntris Row for a couple of hours before stopping at Thornton's for a cup of tea.

Once back in Filey, Chris & I went for a walk down to the Coble landing. Cobles are the small fishing boats which go out into Filey Bay every morning in search of fish, crab or whatever. I've been coming to Filey to visit my parents for over thirty years and there used to be at least a hundred Coble boats based in Filey. Now there are perhaps twenty boats and no more. The tractor pictured above is used to launch the Coble from it's dolly wheels into the bay and to also retrieve the coble when it returns. The launch and recovery process is very interesting to watch.

Several years ago the art communities in both Filey and Scarborough commissioned several statues of fisherman to be placed in the most popular tourist areas of both communities. The first fisherman above is seated on a bench on Scarborough's waterfront with the ruins of Scarborough castle on the cliff in the background. The second fisherman is on Filey's waterfront.

Filey's Waterfront Park & Gardens

Fisherman's Cottage