Cooler in Filey


Northcliffe Entrance Gate

The weather turned cooler today but Chris & I still managed a nice walk along the beach this afternoon. Tis morning, Inge &I went to the library to download some direct deposit forms she needed to transfer one of her pension cheques to direct deposit. Next stop was the bank where they stamped the form and completed all the required account information. We stopped in at Bramwell's Tea Room for a cuppa and then walked back to Tesco's to pick up a few groceries. Salmon on the grill with rice and veggies for supper tonight.

Filey Gardens

Chris stayed behind to work on her nutrition course while mum & I were out this morning. This afternoon Chris & I went out to do a little sightseeing in Filey. Temps have dropped in the past few days but it is still warm enough for me to wear shorts. We are hoping to get in a walk along the cliff tops from Filey to Scarborough on Friday if the sun shines again. We do this walk each time we visit. We have a back pack with us and pack a small lunch and some water for the ten mile walk. Using the highway it's only six miles to Scarborough but following the cliff tops adds another four miles to the hike. It is a lovely walk. Lindsay & Casey joined us for the walk two years ago and had a great time. We usually grab a treat in downtown Scarborough before boarding the train for the short ride back to Filey station.

Filey Sea Front (Tide Out Obviously)

My cousins from South Africa are visiting southern England right now and are coming up for a visit to Filey on Saturday. Its been about five years since I last saw Sue in Bradenton, FL but I don't remember the last time I saw Tim. Has to have been when I was just a boy… fifty years or so at least.


We stopped on the sea front during our walk for a cup of tea. The lifeboat station is right next door to the tea shoppe and this afternoon the doors to the main lifeboat storage were open. It really is quite a sight to see them launch the lifeboat using dollies and a huge treaded tractor to push it into the sea. The RNLI performs many life saving duties along the coastline every year.

Filey Brigg

We walked out to the end of Filey Brigg just for a bit of exercise before heading home. Most of the low lying stone covered area is completely submerged at high tide and there are usually huge waves crashing over the rocks as well. Today it was relatively calm because the tide was way out. We followed the cliff tops northwards for a mile or two before turning back toward Filey on one of the many walking paths that comes out near the top of Grove Hill Rd.