More Whitby Photos


Chris & Inge Walking Across Draw Bridge

Adding a few more photos from yesterday's trip to Whitby. The draw bridge separates the original town site located on the north side of the bridge from more shops and homes located on the south side of the bridge. We've seen the bridge operate in past years but did not manage to see this pivot draw bridge open this year at all. I'm not sure how old the actual bridge is but it is a one lane bridge with a traffic light on either side to stop traffic. There are sidewalks on either side of the one lane for pedestrians to cross back and forth as well.

We stopped at the Abbey Steps Tea Room for tea and scones before Chris & I scampered up the 199 steps to St Mary's Church at the top. You can see the start of the cobble stone ramp up the steps in front of Inge & Chris. I'm also adding a photo of an old cappuccino maker mounted on the wall of the Abbey Tea Tea Room. Not sure how old it is but apparently the owner picked it up at an antique auction some years ago.

This last shot is from the sea wall at the entrance of Whitby Harbour and shows the north side cliff with fishermen cottages below the the cliff and Whitby Abbey and St Mary's Church on top. There is a large cemetery in front of the church that extends out to the edge of the cliff. Last winter, probably due in part to erosion, plus freezing and thawing from snow and rain, some of the cemetery fell away and actually tumbled onto the cottages below. We didn't see any evidence of damage or anything needing repairs so it looks like whatever damage was done has since been cleaned up. The kipper shack we visited yesterday is located in one of the cottages to the left and below the church. Notice the tiered gardens below the cottages. At high tide the beach area is totally submerged and the North Sea comes up right below the gardens.

Lastly, a shot of the wonderful scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam that we had with our tea yesterday. The scones were huge and delicious!