Robin Hood’s Bay

The sun shone brightly today in North Yorkshire. The blue sky and puffy clouds begged to be photographed so we all toddled off to Robin Hood's Bay this afternoon. Our trip took us north of Scarborough on the way to Whitby. We turned off the highway so we could enjoy the quieter farm roads leading into the tiny hamlet of Boggle Hole. The name Boggle Hole has always fascinated both of us and the drive down the narrow roads lined with farmer's fields and hedge rows is a very enjoyable one. My mother wasn't too fussy about the blind spots we encountered on the sharp corners and hills but we thoroughly enjoyed the drive and we do it very time we come over for a visit.

Inge will be 84 years old in November and is doing very well health wise. She's had two hips and one knee replaced over the years and is finally back to her old active self. She walks with a cane but had absolutely no problems walking down the steep path from the car park at the top of the hill in Robin Hood's Bay to the waterfront and shops at the bottom. The walk back to car was up a steep sidewalk with steps and a railing for the most part and she went up completely unassisted. We both needed a sit down on a bench at the top though.

We enjoyed some tea at the Old Bakery Tea Shoppe at the bottom of the hill and learned that after many years, the present owner is looking to retire and has had the tea shoppe up for sale for about 10 weeks now. Doesn't look like there have been any takers yet though. We headed back towards Scarborough but decided to try a road we have never followed before and turned off towards Harwood Dales and Dalby Forest. It was a wonderful drive through the very beautiful forested countryside. We eventually wound up in Thornton-Le-Dale where we had a wander around and popped into my father's favourite ice cream shop. Our last stop in this village was the thatched roof cottage on the east end of town. We grabbed a few photos and I'll post them in the coming days.

Today's photos are all HDR photos taken with my Canon 1DX and 24-105mm lens. Three exposures taken at -2,0,+2 EV in AV mode. Exposures were developed using Photomatix Pro and Color Efex Pro. I'm a little limited for Internet while in England so I've exported the finished photos from Lightroom onto my iPad 2 with a maximum long side of only 800 pixels and only 72 dpi instead of the standard sizes and dpi value, so a little smaller than the usual full resolution.