SIM cards for Our iPhones & iPad


While we were visiting Jim & Jane in Solihull, we popped into the O2 store downtown to grab some SIM cards for our two unlocked iPhone 5s. From our last visit we know that O2 has excellent coverage in Filey so we thought it best to do exactly what we did last time for our Internet and phone needs. We managed to get two Pay & Go SIM cards for our phones at a cost of £10 ($16 each). These included 75 mins of call time, 500 UK texts and 250 MB of data to do us for thirty days. I also picked up another Pay & Go SIM card for my iPad 2 with 3G capability for £15 ($24) with 2GB of data which they doubled to 4 GB for free. Unfortunately, there wasn't any easier way to stay connected while in the UK. But these prices are a far sight cheaper than anything we have been able to find in either Canada or the USA while traveling in our motorhome. It is just so much simpler to stay connected here than in North America.

Readers may recall that I recently ordered a custom wall calendar for my mother through Snapfish UK. Well I am pleased to report that the calendar arrived at my mother's home in less than a week and the quality is simply outstanding. There is plenty of room to write in appointments each day and our photographs look absolutely amazing in the 11″ x 14″ format. We are trying to organize a calendar for Chris's parents right now.