Solihull to Filey

We enjoyed a wonderful carvery meal at Plume of Feathers in Solihull last night after we walked Jim & Jane's grand kids home from school and had a good visit with Georgina over a cup of tea. Today was travel day for Chris & I. Jane went off to work early this morning and Jim ran us over to Birmingham Airport at 11 am to pick up our Hertz rental car. We have a new Ford Focus for the duration of our stay. The three hour drive to Filey was uneventful and once we got off the M42 motorway the traffic thinned out nicely. Our route took us over towards Hull and then up through Driffield to Filey. No cruise control on the Focus unfortunately, at least not so far as I can see anyway. Gas or petrol runs at £1.389/litre which equates to about $CDN 2.28/litre or $USA 8.64/gallon! Ouch!!!


Rankin Hotel in Solihull

My mother had an angina attack this morning. We called her from one of the rest areas on our way over and she was being tended to by a couple of emergency workers at home. She sounded a bit tired but assured us everything was alright and she seemed right as rain when we eventually pulled into Filey at 3 pm. We spent the evening chatting and Cris & I managed a walk on Filey beach after a bit of supper before turning in after a long day. It was getting pretty dark by the time we got out for our walk so the light wasn't great for this photo.