UK Bound


We’ve had a busy couple of weeks getting ready for our trip to England & Germany.  Everything is buttoned up at Green Acre Park and we are confident the motorhome will survive our absence just fine.  We have lots of people to keep and eye on her too.  We popped up to Ripley on Friday afternoon for a nice visit with my mother in law and spent the night with John & Karen in Hanover.  After a lovely brunch on Saturday morning in Hanover, we packed up the Vue and Teddy and headed for Camp Borden to spend a couple of nights with Sarah & Matt.  Teddy and Lily are getting along well and we are confident they will both enjoy their month together while we are away.

So, boarding passes are in hand and we’ve done the online check in already.  Chris has a hair appointment in the morning and then we are off to Toronto for our evening flight.  Given the temps we are expecting in southern Ontario tomorrow, I may be traveling in shorts on the plane.  See you Wednesday morning Jim & Jane!