Whitby Revisited


Chris & I decided to head for Whitby after breakfast this morning to do a little more exploring. We both dressed for plenty of walking and packed a jacket just in case because the wind was already blowing in Filey. I have to say that I am getting a little tired of the traffic in and around Scarborough. I completely understand slow moving traffic owing to farm vehicles being on the highway and have no problem with that at all. However, dawdling drivers do nothing except increase accidents and there were plenty of them on the road today. Speed limits are there for a reason and drivers are obligated to move along with the flow of traffic not create line ups of slow moving vehicles. End of rant!

We eventually got to Whitby just before 11 am and parked in the long stay parking area near the tourist information building. The wind was still blowing so we had our jackets on as we started roaming the streets. Chris checked out quite a few of the Whitby Jet shops looking for souvenirs but came away empty handed for the most part.

We again had cream teas at Abbey Steps Tea Room before climbing the 199 steps up to St Mary's church where we explored the cemetery. We found weather beaten headstones dating back into the 1700s. Some were so weather beaten they were no longer legible.

We then came back down the stairs and headed for the north side of the Harbour. The crowds weren't as big as they were on our weekend visit last week but the better restaurants all had line ups, so we kept going and climbed the steps to the cliff top on the north side of the Harbour. The photo below of Whitby Abbey framed by a whale's jawbone was taken from the top of the north side cliff.

We just had to try the Magpie Cafe for lunch. As luck would have it most of the line ups were gone and we only had to wait for a few minutes to be seated. We both had a small order of fish & chips with cole slaw and mushy peas. The cafe is a two story building dating back to 1750 and used to be a Pilotage House before eventually becoming a restaurant. The food was excellent but the free wifi was a bust because we couldn't even log in to the network.

“Elizabeth” the steam bus

Our return trip to Filey was across the moors to Rosedale Abbey, up Chimney Bank and eventually west on the A170 back to Filey. Only a few dawdlers on the way home