We managed to get going to Whitby before 10 am this morning and had a great time wandering around this seaside town in North Yorkshire. Rings were a little slow getting through Scarborough, as usual, but we were soon in Whitby and parked near the train station in one of the long term car parks. There were lots of people in town because it was a beautiful sunny day. We wandered the cobblestone streets and I took photos while Chris and my mother checked out quite few of the shops as we walked.


The tide was out as is evident in the above photo of the life boat and sail boat moored at the very bottom of the dock. St Mary's Church can be seen on the cliff top and the ruins of Whitby Abbey are over the hill and not visible in the picture. We stopped for tea at a quaint little tea shop at the base of the 199 step staircase that leads from lower town to the grounds of St Mary's above. Chris & I climbed the steps all the way to the top and watched a young couple arrive to be married at the church. It was the first wedding we have witnessed at the church in all the years we have been coming to Yorkshire.


We even managed to get up close and personal with a kipper smoke house in lower town. Kippers are smoked herring and very tasty, although Chris doesn't understand why I like them. This smoke house must have had a hundred kippers smoking on sticks. The aroma was wonderful. We still had plenty more touring to do though so we never brought any to take home with us. Next time for sure.

Their were lots of actors dressed as pirates raising money for Whitby's life boat. Lots of singing and role playing and more than few pirates dressed as Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. The above bus is used for shuttling passengers on and off the sightseeing boats that work out of Whitby.

Whitby Harbour Entrance