Back to McPhail’s


We were back at McPhail's for 1 pm yesterday. We'd made the appointment before we left for England and only had two things for them to look after. One was a leaky shower drain and the other was a broken support bracket on one of the struts on the door for the DEF compartment. We stowed everything and were ready to pull out of our site by 11:30 am. We had only gotten a short distance away from the campground when Chris cried out that water was running out of the LED lights in the ceiling of our front passenger slide. This happened on our 2009 Phaeton as well and it turned out to be poor caulking on the top of the slide out. Chris mopped it up as best as she could while I was driving and we added that repair to our list at McPhail's. Our tech was really great and knew how to solve the issue right away. He removed the topper assembly on the slide and cleaned the top of the slide with a rag. He showed me where the caulking had been poorly done and recaulked the entire area on both front and rear passenger slides. He couldn't do anything about the water still in the ceiling of the front PS slide though unfortunately. Apparently the ripples in the roof of the slide in the above photo are indicative of water damage. I called Don Boyd in Red Bay and left a message about our predicament. We are a little hesitant about leaving slides out or in when it rains now. The water came in while we were in England and the slides were all in so something certainly isn't right. Don called me back and promised me that Wade Humphries would get us in first thing as soon as we got to Red Bay. We'll need all four slide outs checked for leaks and any water damage repaired as well. Looks like we may be in Red Bay for more than just a week or two. The leaky shower drain was a bear to fix but I helped our tech with that problem and with two people working on the problem we eventually got it sorted out. The mounting brackets on the strut arms were easily replaced. We were back on our site before 6 pm.

While we were at McPhail's a brand new 2014 Allegro Bus 45 LP was delivered from Red Bay. Apparently it is already sold but will be on display at the Toronto RV show as well.


We are both really disappointed in the water leak on our new Bus but Tiffin has always done a great job with any repairs we have needed in the past. The exacerbating part of all this is that we are legally only allowed in the USA for six months at a time and we don't want to spend any more time in Red Bay than necessary….for obvious reasons.