Beach Walk


Flamborough Lighthouse

Rain threatened on and off for most of the day today but temps were still a very mild 18°C. After breakfast, Chris & I set off on a walk along the beach from Filey to the Starbucks at Primrose Valley. It's probably about a two mile walk along the beach. The tide was out so we had plenty of sand to walk on. The Starbucks at Primrose Valley Holiday Camp was full of families and children. We stayed for about twenty minutes, long enough to download some app updates on our iPhones, and then pushed on. The Starbucks here does have one redeeming quality…..the free wifi has a fifteen minute time limit daily which is just enough time to help keeping people moving along. I can't remember how many times we have visited Starbucks in either Canada or the USA and seen most tables full of wifi lizards sitting there with an empty cup of coffee but still using the wifi for hours on end. North American wifi hit spots should be limited as they are here in the UK.

We walked back to Filey on the beach and then on a whim decided to continue all the way out to the Brigg. It was interesting to see the various bits of wreckage on the beach. The brick wall in the above photo was laying on the beach, buried in the sand, about 100 yards from the high water mark. No telling whether it fell into the sea from the cliffs above or if it had originally been constructed closer to the water line and just washed away into the sea.

We walked back into Filey from the Brigg and got some fish & chips wrapped from Brown's for lunch on the sea front. The weather cleared up and the sun was soon shining. We figure we likely walked a good 7-8 miles which made us feel good and not so guilty about eating fish & chips.

We saw this heart in the foam of Chris's latte at Starbucks. Awwww shucks……