Broken Down in Sparta, Kentucky

We enjoyed a great dinner at Denny's at the Flying J in London last night. I had their Ultimate Skillet and Chris had an omelet. Both were fabulous! Afterwards, we walked around the property with Teddy before turning in for the night. We left our Vue hooked up to the bus but removed the power cord connecting it to the bus so the battery wouldn't drain overnight. We both slept reasonably well despite the constant coming and going of traffic in and out of Flying J. It started raining around 3 am and basically kept raining all day.

We hit the road at 6 am and found the rain and darkness made it pretty tough going as far as Sarnia and the Blue Water Bridge. We encountered only a few questions crossing into the USA and were soon on our way south towards Detroit. The rain came in waves all day long as a big storm tracked north from Texas. It was like driving in a cloud all day.

We kept going until about 3 pm. We had just passed through Cincinnati on I-75 and turned onto I-71 bound for Lagrange, Kentucky when a temp light and audible alarm came on on the dashboard. We pulled off the interstate at Sparta across from the Kentucky Speedway and limped into a Marathon service station just as a stop light showed up on the dashboard. Turns out a serpentine belt was broken and I believe anti freeze or power steering fluid had leaked everywhere. I called CoachNet and Tiffin to sort things out. CoachNet was going to send a tow truck from Louisville, Ky but Nathan Davidson at Tiffin found us a garage right across the road from the Marathon station that could handle our repairs. Their tech removed the broken belt and directed me across the road into their service bay. Turns out we have a seized water pump and that is the likely cause of the broken serpentine belt. There is also a leak under the power steering reservoir needing immediate attention. Tiffin is looking after all repairs under warranty. Tiffin will have a tech from Cummins Louisville attend our location with parts tomorrow morning. Meanwhile we are plugged in next to their shop and have our satellite TV and Verizon mifi working well.

The wind is still blowing and the rain is still falling but we are safe and dry. We had planned to overnight at the Cracker Barrel in Lagrange, Ky which is only another 35 miles down I-71. So we were close….but no cigar