Flying J, London, Ontario

Ready To Leave Green Acre Park

It was tough sleeping last night for obvious reasons……..we were both very excited to be finally hitting the road for points south today. I was awake just before 5 am, as usual, but Chris hung in until almost 7 am. After a bit of breakfast, it was one more load of laundry and we ran the dishwasher as well, so everything is clean and ready to go. We said our goodbyes to Frank & Diane before they took off to Branford for a day out. Chris drove into the Bulk Store in St Jacob's to pick up some maple syrup. We surely can't leave without a good supply on hand for our winter down south.

Parked for the night at Flying J, London, Ontario

While she was in St Jacob's, I busied myself breaking camp, emptying & flushing our black tank, emptying our grey tank, stowing our hoses, water softener, etc. It wasn't much of a chore in Phaeton Place because we did it all the time and were very familiar with PP. But the bus is different in some respects and we haven't yet had to stow everything on board all at once. Since we are leaving it took me awhile to find the best places for everything. Not too long actually, but we've managed to stow it all with room to spare. Shhhhh……don't tell Chris. One last walk for Teddy and we were ready to pull out of site 135 for the last time. My last task was to hand in our gate cards to the office before leaving. They don't read the electric meter until next week so I told them to just apply the deposit I left for the gate cards last spring to whatever we owe for electric and let me know the balance owing. Bruce, the owner, was fine with that.

We pulled out of Green Acre Park at noon, about an hour ahead of schedule…..not that we really have a schedule but I'm sure you get the idea. Our destination for tonight was the Flying J in London. We pulled in there before 2 pm and fueled up at the RV pumps before finding ourselves a nice spot near a grassy area for when we walk Teddy. Chris headed off to Tillsonburg to see Lori while Teddy and I took care of a few things around the bus. I've plotted our route on both our Garmin GPS and the built in GPS as well….more out of curiosity than anything else. Maybe we'll get to our destination sooner :).

The weather this afternoon was gorgeous as we left Waterloo. The sun was shining and temps got up into the mid teens centigrade. Our friends, Jag & Bev are already in Red Bay getting their roof replaced. Jag sent me an email this afternoon warning me of bad weather as we head south through the Ohio Valley. Forecast is calling for rain and wind for most of tomorrow but we will plod along as best we can. We are hoping to leave Flying J before 7 am tomorrow morning enroute to Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia and then south on I-69 and I-75 to Lagrange, KY where we'll overnight at either a Cracker Barrel or Super Walmart. If the weather turns really lousy, we'll shut it down sooner and find a safe spot for the night.

Arif, from Cloudwifi, was supposed to drop by our site this morning to pick up his internet amplifier but he never showed so I left the amp and power cord with Frank & Diane across the street. Hopefully Arif will drop by and pick it up in the next day or two.