Home Again, Home Again…….

Our flight to Toronto was great. We said our goodbyes to Jim & Jane and checked in with Air Transat before proceeding to the #1 Birmingham Lounge for complimentary breakfasts, coffees, etc. PriorityPass lounges are available in most international airports and our free entry is included with our credit card package. We really enjoyed the peace and quiet in the lounge versus the usual hectic atmosphere of airport waiting areas. Free wifi, power to charge our smartphones, etc, newspapers, magazines, food, snacks, beverages, etc….what's not to like. Jim dropped us at the airport just after 6 am and the time flew by quickly. We were boarding around 8:30 am and in the air an hour later. A little late departing because of three late arriving passengers but we landed in Toronto twenty minutes ahead of schedule, so we must of been moving pretty well. Saw two great movies on the flight, the new Star Trek movie and also the new Avanger movie. We've seen them both already but it was nice to have some good films on board.

Sarah and Teddy met us at the airport and we were soon heading back to Waterloo, well ahead of rush hour traffic. A quick stop at Zehr's for groceries and we were home before 4 pm. Teddy was a quivering bundle of energy when he saw us first. So funny to watch his gyrations. We really missed him. It didn't take long for the eyes to start drooping after a bit of supper and both turned in fairly early. Our Bus fared well while were away but I did notice a small 4″ puddle of water on the floor on my side of the bed. Can't explain that really because all the slides were in. It has been raining here quite bit recently though. Heading in for service tomorrow afternoon at McPhail's so we'll have a better idea then if anything is wrong. Man is it ever nice to sleep in our own bed after almost five weeks!