OSX Mavericks & Good Friends

It's that time of year again……..no not fall…….operating system update time! I've been so busy lately I forgot that Apple's new OSX Mavericks was coming out yesterday along with the new iPad, etc. I read about it online last night once Chris & I got back from Hamilton. Of course, I just had to try and download it early this morning to my late 2011 Mac Book Pro 17″. At over 5 GB file size, you can imagine the download took quite sometime over our wifi connection. I started my download at about 4 am this morning and then went back to bed. Quite surprisingly, the download was done by 8 am and I had it all installed by 9 am. I started downloading the same upgrade for Chris's laptop but either our wifi has tanked or Apple's servers are stretched to the limit. The download is taking forever with frequent error messages but is going ……albeit very slowly.

Chris & I took Teddy for a long walk along the Millrace trail in St Jacobs this morning. For once the sun actually shone but boy was it ever cold. Temps were barely above 0°C and the slight breeze made it chilly enough for Chris to wear mitts. Teddy loves the walk along the river. We walked all the way to Three Bridges road and were surprised to see the roadway was actually flooded out. It looks like the weir on the River has been opened in order to increase water flow and submerging the roadway. I was here with Teddy only last weekend and the road was open.

Our neighbours from last year here at Green Acre Park, Dale & Sheila, came into the park in their motorhome today after spending their summer in Brighton. They were all set up on one of the pull thru sites near the office when we came back from a little grocery shopping. They both popped over for a brief visit this afternoon and then we got together with Frank & Diane, Dave & Brenda and other staff members for a great turkey supper prepared by Frank & Diane. It was so great to be able to catch up with each other. Dale & Sheila are on their way to the Port Aransas, Texas area for the winter on Thursday. Dave & Brenda are packing up their fiver on Saturday and heading south after a stop in NYC. We'll be on the road next Wednesday, a week today. Woohoo!