Robin Hood’s Bay On Our Last Day


For our last day in Filey we decided that because the sun was out another trip to Robin Hood's Bay was in order. We set off before lunch and when we arrived in Robin Hood's Bay the tide was way out. It was so far out that I managed to descend the boat ramp all the way to the bottom and then walk around the bottom of the sea wall on the beach, probably about a quarter mile. I've never seen the tide out this far here. The above photo is an HDR montage composed of 18 separate exposures and then stitched together in Photoshop CS6 and processed with Color Efex Pro. Please click on the photo to enlarge.


I love the look of this sea wall in HDR. The detail in the concrete and rocks really pops. The cliff is probably around 70 feet tall from the dry beach, a little less of course when the tide is in. We enjoyed an ice cream cone on the beach from the ice cream truck on the extreme left edge of the above photo. Inge walked all the way down from the parking lot on top of the cliff and then even came down on the beach for an ice cream. From there we walked back up the hill, stopping for a cup of tea at our favourite tea shoppe on the way.

The walk up the hill is a long one but Inge did very well using the hand rail on the stairs that line the edge of the road. We stopped at the top of the hill for a breather while Inge chatted with some other seniors who were enjoying a nice walk as well. We even passed a few Coast to Coast walkers finishing off their 192 mile cross England walk which began in St Bees on the Irish Sea coast. Two years from now Chris & I hope to be doing this same walk on my sixtieth birthday.


The Old Tea Shoppe

We headed back to Filey for an early dinner at The Buccaneer. We had dinner there last Saturday with two of my cousins and Inge enjoyed it so much we thought we'd all go there again. Chris & Inge both had the lasagna while I had the steak & ale pie. All our meals were top notch and Inge even brought half of hers home because she couldn't eat it all. Lasagna for lunch tomorrow!

Our last load of laundry is in and we are pretty well packed. We'll be on the road for Solihull at 7 am Sunday morning. The plan is to drop our rental car at Birmingham Airport and spend a couple of days with Jim & Jane in Solihull before boarding our Air Transat flight back to Toronto on Wednesday. It's been a great trip but we are both ready for some Teddy time.