Surfs Up In Filey


Chris & I went for a walk on the sea front yesterday afternoon after we got back from Morrisions. The wind was blowing but it was still around 16°C. We followed our usual route using the path that runs by the Fisherman's Church and then descending the stairs to the beach. We haven't seen any real wave action on the sea front at all since we've arrived in Filey.

Well yesterday didn't disappoint us all. There was a stiff breeze coming in off the sea and that combined with an incoming tide made for some interesting wave watching while we enjoyed a cup of tea at our favourite tea shoppe. The wind was strong enough and cold enough that it even cooled off our teas! We saw quite a few people enjoying the waves and walking along the sea wall. There was even an adventuresome kite surfer on Filey Bay who managed quite well. Not the biggest waves we've seen in Filey though. In past years we've seen huge 2-3 meter waves crash over the sea wall. Doesn't look like we'll get to see those this year though as the tides and weather aren't quite in sync. Still made for a nice walk though