Teddy 200 – Geese 0


Chris has been in Nova Scotia visiting family for the last week. She flies back into Hamiliton on Tuesday and then we will only have a week left before we hit the road. Teddy & I have been busy sorting through the stuff we have in our storage shed and have much of it already stowed in the storage bays of our bus. We've been so busy this summer that we still have to figure out the best place to store some items inside as well. Lots to do and some of it may have to wait until we get to Red Bay in early November.

Teddy & I have been walking lots. Most days, we've managed to get out while the sun is shining but lately it seems to be wet and colder too. I'm pretty sure that shorts and sandals are on hold until we get further south. Our walks average about 3-4 miles each day and Teddy has a ball playing in the leaves. Today, I let him off leash inside Green Acre Park as we approached the pond. There must have been two hundred Canada Geese laying in the grass and on unoccupied camp sites. Teddy had them all airborne in less than ten seconds as soon as he started running towards them. He chased them right into the pond before he realized the water was a little colder now than during the summer. Funny seeing a wet schnauzer trying to dry himself off by rolling around in wet grass.

I've updated our Garmin GPS with new software and the newest North American maps as well. Today, I even managed to update the firmware on the Panasonic Blue Ray player that came with the bus. I tried to do it automatically through the built in menu but for some reason the Internet connection was a little flakey and it wouldn't update via the Ethernet connection. Plan B involved downloading the latest firmware to my Mac Book Pro and then unzipping it to a CD-R. That method worked very well and the new firmware installation was just a simple matter of playing the CD-R in the blue ray player. Took about ten minutes to install and we are good to go.

I also phoned Flying J/Pilot. We've had the RVPlus card since last year but have never been able to activate the RV or truck pumps with the card. We get the fuel discount with the card but Chris always has to go inside the store with cash and have them open the pump. Apparently, the card was not properly activated when we got it. Hopefully now we'll be able to open the pump without having to go inside. The RVPlus card also functions as a credit card for fuel purchases which will also be handy. One less card to use while on the road.