The Countdown Is On

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Chris flies back from Halifax, NS this evening. We have a rest day tomorrow before we head for CFB Borden in the Vue for a couple of days to see Matt & Sarah. They are still waiting to hear final word on their transfer to Cold Lake, Alberta. Casey is taking the train up to Barrie on Saturday and the three of us will head for Ripley to see his grandmother that afternoon before rolling into John & Karen’s for Saturday night. Then we’ll run Casey back to Waterloo so he can catch the bus or train back to Toronto Sunday, and Lindsay & Colin are coming up to spend Sunday night and Monday morning with us in the bus. We’ll pack up the bus and head for the Flying J in London, ON on Wednesday afternoon, Oct 30th. Thursday morning, we plan to get on the road early and cross the border at Sarnia, ON. From there it is a straight shot down I-75 to Louisville, KY where we’ll keep going on I-65 into Alabama. We should be in Red Bay by noon on Saturday, Nov 2nd and hopefully in the shop on either Nov 4th or 5th.

So far the caulking done on the front passenger slide by McPhail’s seems to be holding.  There aren’t any new leaks to contend with at least and the water in the ceiling of the front passenger slide seems to be disappearing.  Tiffin will still have a job ahead of them to flatten out the ceiling fabric and I expect they will have to pull the slide in order to do that and attack the problem from the top down…..but who knows.  We are hoping for a maximum stay of two weeks in Red Bay but of course that is all up in the air.  Snowbird season is a busy time in Red Bay and there are already plenty of coaches sitting in the overflow area.  If it looks like things will drag on in Red Bay past two weeks, we may head for Florida anyway and have whatever still needs to be done looked at in April on our way home.

Temps dropped to just above freezing last night in Waterloo, ON and are forecasted to go just below zero with a possibility of snow flurries while we are in CFB Borden.  I’m a little unsure of the best practice to use for heating the bus while we are away.  We will definitely disconnect water and pull in our slides for the two nights we are away.  I’m hoping the electric side of the AquaHot will be adequate to keep things around 55F inside the bus with the slides in while we are away.  I’d prefer not to leave the diesel burner on the AquaHot.  TRVN discussion threads lead me to believe we will be okay with just the electric burner on but I have a call into Red Bay just to be sure.  Comments or suggestions from readers with AquaHot heating in their motorhomes would be appreciated.

The long range forecast is calling for sunshine for our first day in the USA which will be a refreshing change from the dreary grey and wet skies we’ve had in southern Ontario over the last two weeks.  Although. the sun is out today.  Cold but sunny which I’ll take any day over gray and wet.