Bye Bye T-Mobile…..Hello Straight Talk

Chris & I both have unlocked iPhone 5s which we purchased directly from Apple. The phones work great for us on Telus in Canada and Telus also allows us to suspend our plans while we are out of Canada. Earlier this fall we went to England to visit my mother in Yorkshire and Telus suspended our phones for the month we were away and reactivated them the day before we flew back into Toronto. We used O2 SIM cards in England which cost us £10 each for the month with refillable data if we needed it for another small charge. Worked out perfectly for our needs and we saved almost $200 by suspending our accounts with Telus while out of Canada.


We spend 6 months in the USA every year, usually Nov – April, and until now we haven't been able to find a USA based cell phone provider that we are satisfied with. When we first started RVing in 2007, our internet needs were satisfied by our Datastorm satellite internet dish on the roof of our Phaeton. Our phone needs were not great and we made do with a Motorola flip phone on the Tracfone network. We still have that phone and use it if nothing else works. No data, just phone.


Last year we spent the winter at Tanglewood RV in Sebring, FL and we will be going back there once we finish in Red Bay. We used T-Mobile SIM cards in our iPhones which worked but voice reception in Sebring was not that great and data was non existent even though we had 500 MB per month on each of our iphones. Each SIM card cost us $54 a month as well. So we were looking for something that was a little more reliable.

I did a little research online over the summer months and thought about giving Straight Talk, owned by Walmart, a try. I ordered two nano sims from an eBay seller in California. To my knowledge, Straight Talk does not sell nano SIM cards for iPhone 5 and up but micro sims can be cut down and work without any problem. The seller even provided printed instructions on how to go about porting our T-Mobile phone numbers over to Staright Talk. Our cards arrived last week and set up was very easy with the exception of a small glitch porting my number over to ST. Chris's number changed over in about 30 minutes but mine took overnight and another toll free call to Straight Talk to complete the porting process. We opted for two 3 month unlimited voice, txt and data plans at a slight savings over the $45 30 day plan and also added international calling for an extra $10 each. That will give us calling outside the USA on a per call basis until we use up the $10. We can add more if we need it.

We've been using Straight Talk for a couple of days now and so far everything is working satisfactorily.