Called to Bay 42

Our friends, Chuck & Lorraine North, who we met several years ago while out west were in Red Bay and staying at Detail Depot prior to our arrival but headed out a few hours before we arrived on Saturday. After spending almost an hour trying to level our coach in a site behind Detail Depot, we opted to simply take their old site because it was flatter and level. We soon learned that Chuck & Lorraine were coming back to Red Bay with an oil leak that had developed as they left town. They pulled in Sunday afternoon and are in another site here at Detail Depot. It was great to see them both again.

Sunday was quiet day here in Red Bay. We took Teddy for a nice long walk around town in the morning and then focused on getting things set up for our stay in Red Bay. We have a full hook up site at Detail Depot right across the street from Allegro Campground. We are facing the road but traffic noise is hardly noticeable at night. So we are ready for whatever happens while we are here. Generally speaking, coach owners just wait for a phone call telling them to be at a specific service bay ASAP in order for work to commence. About the only thing we were expecting to happen right away was the coolant flush of our engine and a check to make sure that all was in order with our motor.


We all got together for dinner at Jag & Bev's coach in the campground last night. Bev made a fabulous supper and we all had a great time catching up and of course discussing coach modifications and all things related to RVing. We both turned in expecting an uneventful day on Monday.

After a bit of breakfast, I called Trevor Nichols who does custom upholstery and carpeting modifications for Motorhomes. We had Trevor do us up a custom fitted dashboard pad for Teddy to lay on. Teddy really liked the one we had in our Phaeton and the pad also serves to cut down on glare off the plastic dash when the sun blazes in the windshield. Trevor already had a mat pre-cut and the installation with Velcro tabs went very quickly. He then measured our floor and stairs for a custom fitted entry mat. He had no sooner left to trim up the mat in his shop when we call to head over to bay 42. We were so startled by the call that we scrambled a little too quickly getting ready and actually drove over to bay 42 without stowing our Winegard satellite dish. Thankfully, we caught our mistake BEFORE we pulled into the bay or else we would have done some serious damage to our satellite and/or motorhome roof. Once inside, Ricky our mechanic, raised our bus up on hoists and set about flushing our radiator, replacing our serpentine belt and filling the radiator up again. We were all done by early afternoon and back on our site at Detail Depot in time for supper. Trevor returned to fit our entry mat and was soon on his way deer hunting. Trevor does excellent work and we highly recommend him for any custom work needed while in Red Bay.

So one of our major concerns has been addressed already and in a really timely fashion too. Tiffin is even going to spring for a complimentary wash to remove all the old coolant from the motorhome. Next up, we are waiting for a service bay to address our water leak in the passenger slide and of course all the items needing fixing on our punch list. No telling when we will get in for any of that. We've decided to remain in Red Bay until everything is done. It may take 3-4 weeks but having it done now will save us a return trip to Red Bay on our way home in April.



  1. Marvin November 6, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    Why did they replace your new fan belt ? Did you keep the 1st replacement as a spare ?

    • Mark Jones November 6, 2013 at 8:58 am #

      Hi Marvin,

      Gary Harris in the engine shop at Tiffin said he preferred to have one of their belts put on instead of the one installed in Sparta. They are both full size belts but I thought Gary knows best. Not sure what brand belts were used. I have the old belt installed in Sparta as a spare now. The broken belt is in the trash and I’ve turned the old water pump over to Tiffin so they can chase after Cummins for warranty.