Hometown America Tanglewood

We hit the road out of Tallahassee around 7 am on Sunday morning and followed I-10 east until we reached I-75 where we turned south. Traffic was very light for much of the way. We stopped at a rest stop once we hit I-75 and Chris took Teddy for a walk while I phoned my mother in England. She is doing well despite having fallen last week. Just a few bumps is all. We continued on to the Flying J in Lake City and topped with diesel. I thought about using the fancy truck wash next door to clean up the bus but decided to wait until we got settled in Sebring. I figured we'd be in the truck wash for at least 1-2 hours and we really wanted to get to Sebring before dark.

We did manage to squeeze in a stop at Costco in Brandon near Tampa. Navigating their parking lot was very interesting…..especially in a 45 ft motorhome towing a car. I managed to find enough empty parking stalls on the perimeter of the parking lot for us to pull over and was thankful no one decided to park in front of us while we were inside Costco. Getting out was a little tricky with a couple of very right left & right turns but we managed to exit Costco unscathed and were soon on our way south on I-75 again. We opted to head south to Bradenton on I-75 before turning east on Hwy 64 because it was less starting and stopping than Hwy 60 east through Brandon over to Hwy 27. I think we made the right move and we arrived in Tanglewood around 3:30 pm. We checked in quickly at the office before proceeding to our seasonal site at 711 Elephant Walk where we were mobbed by neighbors who had anxiously awaiting our arrival. It was nice to see them all again and after some quickly pleasantries we set above parking the bus on our site.
This is a new site for us this year but only a couple of spaces over from where we were last year. The two main differences are that we now have a storage shed as well as a much longer pad that basically runs the whole length of our motorhome. The previous owner even put in an irrigation system that uses city water to water the grass and plants.
We've enjoyed getting settled over the past few days. We both a little Pickleball on Monday morning and it was good to see we haven't forgotten how to play. First time playing for both of us since leaving here last spring. I washed the motorhome today using the new Swobbit washing brush and 5' – 9' extension pole I picked up in Red Bay. What a difference over the brush I picked up at Walmart years ago. Guess where that old brush will be going.
Good news too that our friends Tony & Christine have finally hit the road south. They have a few stops to make on the way south but we hope to see them soon.