Internal Decorations For Our Allegro Bus


Since acquiring our new bus in late July, we've been deciding on how to best change up the factory provided pictures on the walls. There are essentially two wall hangings, perhaps three, that we would like to change out to show something more personal in the way of my photographs instead of the same framed prints that are found on the walls of every Allegro Bus. I'm not quite sure how it will work out but with the help of our good friend Tony of Candid Studios in Sudbury, Ontario, we've decided to try mounting the above print in the vertical frame mounted on the wall by our residential refrigerator. Tony has graciously printed the above combination of photos in a single print and is bringing it to Sebring later this month when they finally hit the road south. This will be a test to see how this series of photographs will look behind glass. If they look alright, we'll set about choosing more photographs for the larger frame in the bedroom and also the small frame on the dinette wall.

Thank you Tony!