New Ceiling Is In!

We spent all day yesterday in Bay 34 and by the mid afternoon the only thing left to do in the service area was for Shane to change out the ceiling in our passenger slide. The new ceiling had been ordered on Nov 6th but had not yet arrived so we took our bus back to our site.

New Ceiling

At 8 am this morning we received a call from Shane to come back to bay 34 because the new ceiling had arrived. We packed up quickly and they were soon working on removing the old ceiling from our slide so they could install the new one. Progress was slow but Shane and a coworker got the job done and we were back on our site before 4 pm. It was a long day which we spent sitting in the customer lounge for the most part as the inside of our coach was inaccessible while work was going on. For me, it was probably the most tiring day of this very long week, mainly because we couldn't stay in our bus.

Old Ceiling Removed

So we are all done now except for paint touch ups. They need to paint some areas of the slide and ceiling areas as well as some touch up we have previously identified on other areas of the bus. I've been told the wait for paint shop isn't nearly as long as for service bays. Optimistically, I'm expecting we won't get into a paint bay until Tuesday, perhaps even Wednesday of next week. Therefore if all goes well, we should be done and on the road by Friday or Saturday……hopefully.


  1. Nancy November 19, 2013 at 7:40 am #

    Looks like things are moving along on your coach. I have never been to Red Bay for service, just a factory tour. Sure seems like a hard place to have to spend a lot of time. Hope you are back on the road soon.

    • Mark Jones November 21, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

      Back on the road tomorrow! We’ve been here for three weeks but it is definitely time to get going. The Red Bay service experience is something all Tiffin owners should do at least once.