So Long Red Bay……It’s Been Fun


Custom RV, Vina, AL

Friday morning and we were back in bay 24 for one last visit. We needed a couple of scratches buffed out of our passenger slide and then we had to wait for the Diamond Shield guy to come around and replace some of the diamond shield around our wheel wells. It poured rain today so we were glad to be back in bay 24. Our tech used the air hose to blow off most of the rain water and then set about making two scratches disappear. He also recommended Malco Cherry Flash Liquid Paste Wax as the best wax for our motorhome. He's been doing detailing for almost 40 years and swears by this stuff. Fortunately, I managed to find a bottle of Malco at a local automotive store in Red Bay.

Shane, our service bay tech in bay 34 spent about ten minutes sorting out a flakey cigarette lighter on our dash after we got finished in bay 24. Turns out a fuse was blown and one of the wires was off the back of the lighter, but it's all fixed now. Gail Parrish sorted out our bill which worked out to zero dollars because we are still under warranty. From there it was a quick walk over to the campground office to officially relinquish our camp site, site 70, which we've occupied for the last three weeks.

Sunshine Mills, a dog food company, is another big employer in Red Bay, AL. They actually make dog food right here and there are always commercial trucks coming and going. The reason I mention this is because the company has a commercial truck scale which Tiffin owners are free to use for weighing their Motorhomes. So after we checked out of Allegro campground, we fueled up in town and then ran across the scales to get a better idea of our axle weights and wheel weights.

Tonight we are plugged in at Custom RV in Vina, AL just a few miles from Red Bay. Brannon Hutcheson is going to finish installing our 3G antenna wiring inside the bus, hard wire our EEZ RV Product TPMS into the dash and also install the extender amplifier that came with it. Shouldn't take very long at all.

Today's weather is terrible, raining all day, so we'll be leaving Red Bay with a dirty coach and heading for Tallahassee, FL in the morning. We'll overnight at a Walmart in Tallahassee tomorrow night and include a visit to Costco before continuing on to Sebring on Sunday. Hope to arrive in Sebring, Sunday afternoon.