Vina, AL to Tallahassee, FL


We got an early start this morning pulling out of Vina at 7:30 am and heading for Tallahassee, FL. Our initial plans were to overnight at a Super Walmart and then make a Costco run before turning in for the night but we rejigged our plans on the fly and decided to spend the night at a Cracker Barrel just off I-10 in Tallahassee. We stopped for fuel at a Flying J in Dothan, AL before pushing on into Florida. With the time change back to EST from CST, we lost an hour but still managed to get off the road before dark. We pulled into the Cracker Barrel at 4:30 pm after driving 410 miles. Our only stops were an occasional rest area and a fuel stop. This Cracker Barrel doesn't have RV parking but there is a Red Roof Inn next door that has a dead end street right next to it. We managed to back into this dead end street after disconnecting the Vue and are all tucked in for the night. Of course we asked permission from the Red Roof Inn first. We took Teddy for a good walk once we got parked properly and then headed for supper. Our haddock suppers at Cracker Barrel were both top notch. Parking at this Cracker Barrel shows up as “unknown” on so I'll be updating that entry to show “No Parking” for future travelers.


So we are all tucked in for the night. We'll both get to bed early tonight so we can get an early start tomorrow morning. We are planning a stop at Costco in Brandon near Tampa tomorrow before continuing on to Tanglewood. Our Bus drove very well today. I dropped the pressure in our tag axle wheels down to about 85 psi from 105 psi and that sure smoothed out our ride. A couple of the flow thru sensors on our TPMS are still offline but I'll look into that once our trip is over.