We’re In Bay 34!


We got “the” call Sunday night to be in front of bay 34 at 6:45 am on Monday morning in order to have the items on our punch list seen to. We had a couple more involved things on our list but most of them are minor items requiring little time to set straight. However, there were a few items like replacing the top of our front passenger slide out and fixing a tear in our J sofa that we only just found.

We've been here since Nov 2nd and the service center knew full well that we had water damage in our passenger slide ceiling and they also knew they would be replacing the ceiling with a new one. For some reason though, Tiffin won't order anything until your coach is physically in a service bay and a technician assesses exactly what needs to be done. So yesterday morning at about 07:30 am they deduced we needed a new ceiling and placed an order for one……which will be a 2-4 day wait. One would think the ceiling could have been ordered ahead of time so it would be here by the time we go into a bay. Certainly not the end of the world but shortening up our stay in Red Bay would be a bonus. It a nice little town and the people are great but Florida is certainly a better option.

On the plus side, we are in a heated service bay whereas the outside temperature went down to about 25°F last night and will again tonight. We, being Canadians, are being blamed for the cold air…..like it's our fault. It's all in good fun though and always good for a laugh.

We need some paint work done on 3-4 storage bay doors as well as on the roof. Again, we can't even talk to the paint shop until we are done in bay 34 and our paper work is sent over to the paint shop. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the paint shop is backed up at all.

We are meeting lots of new people here. Nick & Josée are from Holland and spend time in Panama on their 64 ft boat and then tour the USA in their Allegro Bus during the summer months. They looked at some new coaches over at the factory yesterday and are mulling over the idea of upgrading. We'll be getting together with them for dinner out later this week hopefully. Big Star grocery store in Red Bay is hosting a Rolling Rumps BBQ this weekend. Thinking we may order up a Smoked Boston Butt (5-7 lb pork roast) for supper. I've never heard the term Boston Butt before but it sounds wonderful. Pretty sure it is the same as our Pork Shoulder roasts.

We were pretty tired by the time we got home last night after spending the day in the service center. We were back in again this morning at 7 am. We had to wait a few minutes for the coaches that were parked on the runway to be moved out of the bays this morning. Many had not yet been winterized and with two days of sub zero temps, I think almost twenty coaches were parked in the service center last night to keep them from freezing. It was quite the sight to see all this coaches being moved out this morning.