Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 12.22.09 PM

I’ve finally had some time to go through what I think are my some of my best images taken in the last 2-3 years and put them up on 500PX for everyone to see.  I’m getting great feedback from other photographers on 500PX which is always much appreciated.  I’ve always been a little hesitant posting on 500PX because there are many, many great images on there and I was never confident enough that my images were up to that standard.  Chris finally convinced me to throw some of my images up for everyone to see and I’m very glad I did.  The collage above is just a screen shot from my Mac Book Pro.  Clicking on it will enlarge the image but it won’t take you to the 500PX website.  To see my images on 500PX please click on the highlighted link above.  Once there, readers can easily find their way to photos posted by other photographers too.  I’ll try to add a link to my 500PX account in the side bar in the coming days.

Warning……..it’s quite easy to spend hours on 500PX looking at all the great images. :)