A Quiet Christmas Holiday

Chris & I enjoyed a quiet Christmas holiday here at Tanglewood.  The weather has been simply stellar since we arrived in Sebring in late November with no rain.  In fact, our first day with any rain was this past Sunday when it poured.  The holding ponds at Tanglewood that were almost brimming over with water when we arrived here in late November are now 3-4 feet lower than they were only a month ago.  No rain will do that.  Many people were away over the Christmas period but have started to return in the past several days.  Our friends Tony & Christine are still braving very cold temperatures in Sudbury, ON but will soon be on the way back to Florida.  We joined Matt & Sarah on Skype Christmas morning as they opened their gifts.  Lindsay and Casey were together in Ancaster and we chatted some on Facebook.  We both found it a little strange having our first Christmas in the motorhome without any of the kids here.

Chris has been busy working on her nutrition course and studying for her final exam over the holidays.  I’ve been enjoying playing pickleball some mornings as well a swimming laps in Tanglewood’s pool for an hour several days a week.  We even got out to a movie at Carmike Cinemas this past weekend.  We went to see the Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug.  The movie was great and there will definitely be a sequel coming but our decision to go on a weekend wasn’t the best.  Ticket prices were higher than on Tuesday matinees and treats also cost way too much.  It was nice to get out of the park though.

Over the last week or so, I’ve had some time to go back through some bird images from one of our trips to Venice Rookery last winter.  It’s always nice to look over old images and see if I missed anything.  Plus as time goes by, my post processing skills improve, not to mention that software updates are always coming out as well.  I sent my Canon 1DX body and a couple of lenses off to Canon Professional Service in Virginia for a courtesy cleaning and inspection and am expecting them all back by Thursday of the is week.