Back to Sebring


Pelican Maestro

Monday morning the four of us packed up to leave Key Largo and head back to Sebring. We were on the road by 10 am and arrived in Sebring before 3 pm. After leaving the Keys, we again followed Hwy 997 north through Homestead. The drive is a little slower than the turnpike or I-95 but so much more scenic with all the nurseries and landscaping businesses lining the road. Our weather cooled off nicely overnight too so driving was much more pleasant as I could open my window from time to time. We stopped at a Pilot station for fuel at the intersection of Hwy 997 and US 41 which took about 45 minutes.

Chris set about cleaning up the inside of our bus once we got correctly positioned on our site while I puttered around outside. One thing I've learned about setting up the bus vs our Phaeton is that often times I have to put the covers over our wheels before putting the jacks down or else there may not be enough room to get the covers over the wheels once the air bags deflate.

Tony & Christine headed to Riverbend today in their Jeep to sort out some things with their two lots before they head home for Christmas later this week. We enjoyed staying together at Point of View in Key Largo and seeing the sites. I played Pickleball this morning for a couple of hours here at Tanglewood while Chris worked on her nutrition course. This afternoon it was her turn for Pickleball with her Sweet Pickles group while I installed our battery watering system on our Bus. This is such a slick system and only took about 20 minutes to install. I can now top up all six batteries at the same time using this manifold system.

We lost power to all the receptacles in our entertainment cabinet last week. Tiffin has authorized a warranty repair for us so we'll be heading over to Stewart's Mobile Village in Avon Park on Thursday morning to get that checked out. Tiffin says all entertainment cabinet receptacles are fed off the one receptacle on the wall below the cabinet and it works fine. Tiffin thinks the crimping may have let go on the wire leading up to the cabinet so if that's the case it will be an easy fix. It's a pain to have to pack up again so soon after setting up but if we wait for the mobile truck to come to us it won't get looked at until Dec 31st.

What do you think about my pelican shot? I was surprised at how symmetrical the wings were. My fellow photographers on Flickr and 500PX really like it.