Entertainment Cabinet

We were up bright and early this morning because we had to break camp and run the Bus up the road to Avon Park. I'd done some things the night before like removing our wheel covers and retracting all our awnings, so we didn't have much to do outside except disconnect hoses, etc. Chris had the inside sorted into travel mode and with the slides all in and jacks up, we were on our way to Stewart's by 7:30 am for our 8:00 am appointment.

Danny was our tech and I explained to him what Don Boyd from Tiffin had told me on the phone about the reason why all the power receptacles in our entertainment cabinet were likely dead. Danny checked all connections in the cabinet first and then with a little more gentle pushing from me agreed to check for a faulty crimp in the receptacle on the wall below the cabinet which worked fine. Bingo! Once the receptacle was removed from the wall and opened up we could see right away that the negative wire and ground were no longer crimped into place properly. Stewart's didn't have a crimping tool but a large bladed flat head screwdriver helped put both wires securely back into place. Job done!

I also had Danny tighten up the head on our passenger side mirror which had come loose. The bill came to $80 which I paid and Tiffin will reimburse. We were back on our site and all set up again by 9:30 am. Satellite, DVD and all TVs are functioning normally.