Key Largo


Water Front Sites

We packed up this morning and headed south on Hwy 27 out of Sebring past Lake Okeechobee, the largest fresh water lake in Florida before eventually turning towards Homestead on Hwy 997 and then Hwy 1 to Key Largo. We hit the road around 10 am and arrived around 2:30 pm. The number of farms & nurseries along hwy 997 was astounding. Hard to stop though when you're 65 ft long.

Point of View RV Resort just opened in March of this year and is very easy to find on the Overseas Hwy. Sites are huge with free cable and wifi. We have a water front site right next to Tony & Christine and we are here until Monday. There was a nice breeze when we arrived but there is definitely a temperature difference between here and Sebring. Even the overnight temperature is only going down to 71°F. The dogs enjoyed their walk around the park and really liked the dog park. Most of the park is covered in a crushed coral and seashell which is common ground cover apparently, but the dog park is nicely fenced and completely grassed in. We are a little disappointed at the beach construction going on right in front of our sites though and may be asking for a partial refund because of the noise and mess.

Never the less, we still enjoyed a wonderful goulash supper outside with our neighbours and sitting out to watch the sunset too. Think we'll head down to Key West tomorrow to have a little look see.

We lost power in our entertainment cabinet yesterday. Tiffin is trouble shooting things though and we should be back to normal soon. I'm guessing a plug in their hidden wiring is disconnected somewhere but finding it and knowing where to look is the problem. A fellow TRVN member tells me to look under the floor of the bathroom cabinet but that may have to wait until we get back to Sebring. For now we have the bedroom tv plugged in to another outlet with an extension cord and it works fine.