More Hooded Mergansers

Male Hooded Merganser

Male Hooded Merganser Flapping Wings

Our weather continues to be great here in Sebring with daytime highs in the mid 80sF and overnight lows in the low 60sF.  Most days we manage without running the air conditioners but these past 3-4 days we’ve just had to because there hasn’t been any breeze at all.  A little cooler temps at night would make sleeping more comfortable but we really shouldn’t complain because we all know cooler weather will arrive soon enough.  I was down for the count yesterday with a real doozy of a sinus headache.  Pain right across the top of both eyes all day long and much of the night before.  I was light sensitive too so I basically stayed inside all day with the blinds down in an effort to keep things as dark as possible.  I even had to turn down the brightness on the TV because my eyes hurt while watching a couple of movies on Netflix.  Feeling better today though after a good night’s sleep and some antibiotics.  Must be something going around because a few people have the same thing and so did Christine down in Key Largo.  Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Male Hooded Merganser

I’ve spent sometime this afternoon editing some more of my merganser shots from the other day.  The male hooded merganser is such a striking bird and I simply love the white sidewalls on the head.  We were out walking Teddy last night around 6 pm and saw one of the resident great horned owls perched on a light pole not far from us, so they are definitely back at Tanglewood this year.  Not quite sure where they will be nesting as they seem to move around from year to year.  Last winter they had a nest in one of the large pine trees near the wood & craft shop.  The nest stills appears to be there but I haven’t seen any activity around it yet.  Neighbours tells me they saw two owls this morning around 6 am in the wooded area behind the super sites.  I’m including my best shot of the great horned owl from last year.  It sat out in this pine tree for a couple of hours basking in the sunshine without a care in the world.  Hoping for similar photo ops again this year.

Great Horned OwlGreat Horned Owl

We had plans to join our friends Tony & Christine in Key Largo today with our motorhome for a few days but I’m still not 100% so we are going to stop here for today and head out tomorrow morning if I feel better.  Most of the congestion is gone so hopefully we’ll be able to pack up quickly and hit the road for Point of View RV Resort relatively early.