Chilly in Florida

Alright, who unplugged the heat down here in Florida?  We’ve been watching the weather north of us and up in Canada on our Shaw Direct satellite dish and it appears to be downright ugly almost everywhere in the eastern half of North America.  It got down to 2 degrees C here in Sebring last night and it will again tonight as well before things start warming up again tomorrow.  Teddy still enjoys laying outside in the sunshine but taking him for a walk almost demands we wear toques.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 4.43.48 PM

Chris and I are still suffering from chest colds.  She’s had it longer than I have, so about ten days for her and a week for me.  Lots of coughing and hacking but I think we may be turning the corner at long last.  There is definitely something going around Tanglewood as quite a few people are suffering.  I think we have Walgreens on speed dial.  We’ve limited our activities to walking Teddy and coughing!  Both of us have sore chest and back muscles from all the coughing we are doing.


We’ve watched quite a few movies in the last few days and I’ve also continued working on some images from last year in Photoshop.  Here’s another one I found today.  Time for a little homemade soup for supper and another early night to bed most likely.