Circle B Bar Reserve


My friend, Tony, and I headed up to Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland on Tuesday morning for some more bird photography. I visited Circle B last winter on my own but Tony has never been up there. We left Sebring just after 6 am and were inside the reserve shortly after 7 am. It was pretty foggy on the way north but the fog soon started to lift once the sun heated things up. Admission to the reserve is free and there is plenty of free parking as well. We weren't the only photographers there either. Another half dozen cars arrived soon after we did.

Osprey Landing

We set up our big lenses on the our tripods and began walking towards the heron ponds which are fairly close by. One can walk for miles along the the paths inside the Reserve. The only vehicles permitted on the paths though, are Reserve vehicles. We saw a pick up pulling a tram car behind it full of seniors as we were leaving, so they obviously do guided tours as well.

Snowy Egret

There are several bald eagle nests inside the Reserve and while we did see eagles flying, they were too far away to get a decent shot. However, we saw plenty of rails, limpkins, snowy egrets, great blue herons, cormorants, pelicans, purple gallinules, glossy and white ibises and many more species.



We spent about three hours inside the Reserve and we both left with full memory cards. Certainly lots of work to do in post processing.