Tampa RV Super Show


Tony & Christine arrived back in Tanglewood on Wednesday afternoon after a couple of cold and snowy weeks with family over the holidays in Sudbury. They stopped at Costco on their way out of Orlando and picked up a few things for us that we couldn't find at Sam's Club earlier this week. We renewed our Sam's Club membership while shopping in Lakeleand recently and were surprised to see Sam's offering a seasonal membership for $25 vs the full annual membership for $40 which is what we bought last year. We opted for the cheaper membership which is good for 5 months, perfect for our stay down south before returning to Canada and we get all the same perks of the annual membership too. Can't beat that price.


I printed off two discount coupons for the Tampa RV Super Show and the four of us headed up to Tampa on Thursday morning. Sunny and cool weather……perfect for the RV show. We didn't really need anything but it was a nice day out and we did find a few things. A new king size pillow for Chris along with some fancy plastic kitchen doodads for sealing plastic bags and keeping food fresh called The Gripstic. Pretty neat the way they seal bags.

We checked out a number of Motorhomes including new models of the Entegra, Dynasty, Allegro Bus, Vectra and others. We even met Bob Tiffin inside the new 2014 Allegro Bus 45LP at the show. He was quite busy chatting with everyone as they entered the Bus so we just looked around to see what improvements they had added over our 2013 model year. Other than the in floor electric heat option and some bigger drawers in the kitchen and main bathroom, we didn't see anything earth shattering. Neither of us liked the new corian walls in the shower. The new Monaco Dynasty tag axle was very nice with a huge shower stall but the ladies noticed right away there was no dishwasher in the kitchen. I joked with them that perhaps that is why the shower stall is so big.


After a busy day, we hit I-4 on our way out and diverted to secondary roads right away because I-4 was backed up and very slow moving. We managed to get to Parkesdale Farm Market in Plant City about ten minutes before they closed for the day. We just had to have some of their unsweetened strawberry shortcake on the way home. Thanks to our friends Keith & Marie for introducing us to this little gem in the countryside.


Both of us are still on the mend as far as our chest colds are concerned. I'm pretty well back to normal and have even managed to play Pickleball a few times even though I'm still coughing a little. Hoping to get back in the pool next week once it warms up a little more. Chris is recovering more slowly though and is still quite congested. We've been visiting Walgreens regularly for Ricola throat lozenges and today I even found extra strong Fisherman's Friend lozenges for her to try. Chris and Christine are off to dinner and a fashion show with the other ladies at the Tanglewood clubhouse tonight while the guys and dogs stay home.