Riverbend Motorcoach Resort


Our friends Tony & Christine invited us to spend some time with them at Riverbend in Labelle, FL. We were supposed to arrive tomorrow but the weather looks pretty stormy for Friday do we packed up and headed out today. We were already to go, slides in, jacks up, air suspension filled but our door step wouldn’t come in. I played with the contacts inside the door frame but it wouldn’t budge. But I could hear the motor trying to pull in the step. Don Boyd from Tiffin Motorhomes had me check all the fuses and two plug connectors but still joy in Mudville. I crawled back under the front end of our bus to more closely inspect the mechanism that retracts our door step. There is a double knuckle pivot bar that appeared trove seized up. I whacked it with a hammer to get it moving freely again while Chris tried the step again. Success! The step retracted as it should and we were soon on our way to Labelle.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a nice visit with our friends, Ken & Faye, who are leaving TT Peace River and heading up to TT Orlando for a couple of weeks.