It Is Officially Spring Because The Leafs Are Out!


We packed up our things and headed out of Riverbend just before 4 pm for the short 120 mile drive to Lazydays on I-4 in Tampa. Other than traffic noise from I-4 it was a pretty peaceful night. Lazydays is looking at our prioritized list of about ten items starting this morning. I don't think it will take more than a day or two at the most before we'll be on the road to Red Bay to get the rest of our list looked at. All depends how involved the repairs will be and if they have to order spare parts.

Tony & Christine put on a wonderful spread for lunch at their place before we left. It was our main meal of the day topped off with tiramisu which Christine made for dessert. And no I didn't manage to get any pictures! We said our goodbyes and left them to enjoy Riverbend for another few weeks before they too point their motorhome northward. Many thanks for a wonderful winter with great friends. Tony took the above photo in a grove of live oaks at Riverbend the other day and we both just love it. Thanks you very much Tony!

I saw this very tongue in cheek photo on Facebook yesterday and thought it was quite funny. Chris is a Leaf fan. I'm a Senators fan. No playoffs for either team this year it seems.