Sandhill Cranes

Mother sandhill crane and colt foraging for food near the pong where the colt was born.

Before we left for Riverbend, I had noticed a Sandhill Crane nesting in one of the small ponds on Sun N Lake Blvd while on my way to pickleball.  I had meant to get over there for a few photos but unfortunately I just never seemed to have the time.  Of course the egg hatched while we were in Riverbend but once we got back I noticed the sandhill crane family was still hanging around the pond with their one colt and decided I should still take a few photos one morning.  Well this morning was the day.  Temps were a little cooler after yesterday’s afternoon rain showers and I needed a day off from playing pickleball, so I packed up my camera gear and headed over to the pond around 8:30 am this morning.  Sure enough the cranes were out foraging for food in the pond and along it’s banks.  I pulled my Vue off the road on the grassy shoulder of the pond and had a pretty good view of all the action for about 90 minutes this morning.  The mother crane caught insects and grubs while the young colt eagerly devoured as many as the mother would pass along.  It wasn’t long before other vehicles and photographers joined me.  I filled one memory card and started on the second card before calling it a day as there were simply too many people around and the birds were feeling the pressure.  I kept my distance but some of the onlookers actually walked after the cranes to get a closer shot without any consideration for the birds at all.  Her’s a couple of shots from this morning.  Enjoy and please leave a comment if you like.

Sandhill Crane Family