So Long Riverbend, Hello Tanglewood


We had an absolutely fabulous time in Riverbend Motorcoach Resort with our friends Tony & Christine.  Riverbend really is a wonderful place with so many things to do.  Admittedly, it is a little further to the stores than from Tanglewood but in the 2 plus weeks we were there, I think I moved our Vue twice.  The ladies went shopping a few times in Fort Myers for groceries and things and enjoyed their times out.  Tony and I managed to get out twice for a little bird photography.  Once to Little Estero Lagoon in Fort Myers Beach and then a return trip to Venice Rookery in Venice, FL.  Tony and I washed and waxed both our motorhomes as well.  It only took a few hours to wash the Bus but waxing it took almost three days.  While there we took in the Riverbend RV Show and Classic Car display on one weekend as well.  One of the Ontario snowbirds at Riverbend had this Plymouth Prowler with matching trailer on exhibit at the show.

IMG_3255Plymouth Prowler with matching trailer

We packed up on Sunday morning and had a wonderful lunch with Tony, Christine  & friends before heading back up to Tanglewood late that afternoon.  We were back in Tanglewood and all set up by 5 pm.  The extra hour of daylight after the change to DST sure came in handy.  One of the intriguing things about Riverbend was this palm tree near our site.  It had half a dozen of these huge knobby balls growing on it.  I think they may be a type of root ball but can’t be sure.  I couldn’t find anything on the internet to explain it completely.  IMG_3271

I am back playing pickleball at Sun n Lakes in Sebring most mornings.  Many of the more advanced players at Tanglewood are now playing at Sun n Lakes because there is less time waiting between games.  Chris has been working on her sewing and quilting projects and is producing some really nice items.

We have a warranty appointment for the Bus at Lazydays in Seffner, FL beginning March 31st.  We thought we may as well get a few little things looked after while we are still down south before we start heading back to Ontario.  Judging by the cold weather we are seeing in Canada on our satellite TV, we may be staying in Florida until after Easter unless things warm up.  We have reservations at TT Orlando until then if necessary.