Venice Rookery

Great egret flying back to nest with nesting material in it's beak.Great Egret In Flight

Tony & I buzzed up to Venice Rookery this morning from Riverbend in time to catch the sunrise over the rookery.  There were a few other cars there already and even more arrived as we set up our gear.  We shot for about three hours before packing up.  A bus load of school kids arrived towards the end of our time and that kind of complicated getting photos.  Plus the sun was getting pretty high and too contrasty, so we called it a day.  The Rookery was really hoping.  Lots of great blue herons feeding young ones.  Even the great egrets and anhingas had young ones.  Flight photography is not the easiest at Venice Rookery because of the housing in the background but I did manage to get a few keepers.

Great Egret Returning To Nest

Chris & Christine drove up to Venice with the dogs and met Tony & I for a walk around old town, some lunch and shopping.  We enjoyed a nice lunch outside at a grill.  The ladies popped in and out of the shops while the guys looked after the puppies.  Afterwards, we headed over to the dog beach in Venice and the let all three dogs have a run around and play in the water.  Teddy had a blast and I’m sure he remembered this beach from when he was a puppy, prancing after Nicky.

Courtship behavior by a great egret trying to attract a mate.Great Egret Displaying