Heading For Red Bay, AL

In Bay 77 at Lazydays last night

Our appointment at Lazydays was supposed to be at 09:30 am yesterday morning but we didn't get in to see our advisor until after 10 am. Our bus went to the chassis shop right away to check on a small coolant leak near the radiator. That turned out to be a loose clamp but the tech also found a heater core leak when he pressurized the system. He had to call Tiffin and ask for permission to proceed to warranty repairs (why I don't know as our warranty isn't up until late July. Apparently he left a message three hours before he talked to me. I called Tiffin myself and learned they would have to send parts to Lazydays which would take at least three days. That was completely unacceptable so this morning I got the tech to bypass the heater core by joining the two heater hoses. Another tech found our dash air conditioner was almost out of freon and that was why it wasn't blowing cold air. He recharged it with freon and it works great. He left the pressure gauge on it over night and there were no leaks when he checked this morning.

I-75 Rest Stop

Chris & I made the decision to have the bus made roadworthy this morning and to put off all repairs until we get to Red Bay instead of waiting a week for parts at Lazydays. We were on the road by noon and pulled into a Cracker Barrel in Tifton, GA for the night around 5 pm. Lots of traffic on I-75 and most of it heading north. We topped up our diesel at a Pilot in Tifton and are ready for an early morning departure for Red Bay, AL tomorrow. I'm sure it will be busy but at least they'll have the parts on hand and can have us 100% again before we cross back into Canada later this month.

We drove over to TT Orlando yesterday afternoon to pick up packages from Blue Ox and SMI. Two big boxes containing the Air Force One brake and the towing base plate for our new Ford Edge which we'll pick up in Ottawa in just a few weeks. I've got those safely stored in our storage bays.

We enjoyed a light supper at Cracker Barrel and are tucked nicely into their parking lot for the night. Looking forward to an early start in the morning.


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  1. Doug April 2, 2014 at 10:42 am #

    Hi mark and Chris, we are in site 68. It’s busy. Maybe you will get bumped or express bay is about 2 weeks. Look us up. We sit and wait.