Knoxville, TN to Hershey, PA


We got as far as Knoxville, TN on Thursday afternoon after escaping Red Bay before noon. Our favorite overnight spots while traveling are Cracker Barrel restaurants. We carry their brochure in the bus with us and can usually find one that will let us park for free overnight either in the Bus/RV parking lanes they have or along the outside edge of their parking lot if it's not too busy. The food is always top notch and at reasonable prices too. It's also much quieter than staying at a Flying J or Walmart as well.

Our route northwards basically followed I-40 to I-81 and then straight up through Virginia and Pennsylvania. We were on the road by 6 am and I was happy to see that the tail lights on our Vue were now working fine after I replaced a 20 amp maxi fuse on the bus that controls the taillight connection in our seven pin connector. I also spring for a new power cord to connect the Bus and Edge together. Our last one was getting pretty long in the tooth but I will keep it as a spare just in case.

It started pouring rain almost as soon as we crossed into Virginia and it continued all the way into Thousand Trails Hershey. Needless to say I don't have to spend any time at all washing bugs off the the front of the motorhome. We made a short pit stop at a Super Walmart in Wytheville, VA and a fuel stop at a Flying J in Winchester, VA before continuing on into Pennsylvania. As expected, Harrisburg and Hershey traffic was a mess in the rain. Thankfully we can take a shorter route north on some back roads to get back on to I-81 on Sunday morning.


The rain had slowed somewhat by the time we reached TT Hershey at 6 pm. Chris was very happy because her coconut order from Coconut Oil Online was waiting for us at the ranger station. The best coconut oil available anywhere! The park is busy but still had plenty of empty sites. It was good to see that ELS has spent some money on upgrading more sites to 50 amp. It still took four different sites before we finally found one that was level enough and big enough for our bus. Our Verizon 4G mifi and our Straight Talk (Walmart) SIM card continues to work well on the road. We've had constant coverage since leaving Florida in late March.

So a long, wet 12 hour day behind the wheel and we are both very tired but all settled in for a couple of nights before we push on back to Canada on Sunday. Think we'll make one more stop at the Flying J in New Milford, PA for fuel. Diesel is more expensive in New York than Pennsylvania and still more up in Canada, but such is life. Our plan is to cross into Ontario at Ogdensburg, NY and from there it is a straight shot up 417 to Ottawa.

One bit of news on our newly redone heater core. The dash blower works fine but for some reason we have no heat. The heater hoses are both hot just not getting the hot air diverted to the dash. I called Don Boyd at Tiffin. He and I both think the wire controlling the damper on the dash control may have popped off. He's authorized a warranty repair for that so we will likely leave that until we get to Ottawa unless I feel like pulling out some drawers on our dash and having look see this afternoon.


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