Site 11, Camp Red Bay

We’ve been in Red Bay since Wednesday afternoon and spent the first two nights in a full hook up site across the road at Detail Depot.  We received our visit from Norris on Friday just after lunch.  He figures we’ll be out of here in plenty of time to get back to Canada before the end of April but we’ll be waiting at least a week for a full service bay.  The service center is open over the Easter holiday too, so Good Friday and Easter Monday are regular works days for all the techs.  The chassis shop is backed up 2-3 days so there is a chance we might get in there some time this next week to have our dash air and heater core fixed.  Lazydays bypassed our heater core by tying the two heater lines together for our drive to Red Bay and they also recharged our dash air and added some dye to it as well to help the Red Bay chassis guys identify any possible leaks.


We spent Saturday in the motorhome.  Teddy wasn’t feeling great so we didn’t want to leave him alone.  He’s doing better today though.  Chris has been quilting again and I spent today cleaning the Alabama gumbo off the back of the Bus with DriWash.  It’s unbelievable how much dirt got splattered on the Bus from driving through a 100 ft patch of wet road on the way through Alabama.  Of course I got it all cleaned up and then the rain started again.  We had a good storm the other night and the forecast is calling for another wet and stormy night tonight.  Temps have been in the 60sF during the day and down into the low 40sF overnight.IMG_3346

We’ve got to meet some very nice people in the camp over the weekend.  Lots of people with dogs of all sizes.  That’s one of the great thing about RVing.  You always get to meet great people.  Some you may never see again but some will become good friends.  So tomorrow morning we’ll get to witness the motorhome shuffle as rigs start and move into their service bay for the day.  Hopefully we won’t be waiting too long.303 spray bottle 2 PlexusSeveral of our sliding windows have been sticking on occasion and I read on TRVN that Plexus spray is the best way to free up the windows so they slide more easily.  Just shoot a little spray in the tracks and move the window back and forth to work it in.  Lazydays RV Store was selling Plexus for over $33 per can!  Here at the Tiffin store it sells for $19!  Same size can too.  303 Aerospace Protectant is great for Diamond Shield and apparently does a wonderful job of helping make bug splatter on the front of the motorhome more manageable.  We’ll be picking up a can of each before we leave Red Bay.